Reproducibility, the highest gift
of the digital age, is one of my
major demons.
Nothing is ever really final,
never complete.

I had to overcome that demon.
This one is finished now. Forever.
I created combatlinkK together with a buddy at school. I was 16 and it merely was a schooltime spawned distraction. I composed about 8 Songs and we made our first demo called "exposed". We made 4 tape copies, send two of them elsewhere, got rejected and forgot about it. I wrote another 10 songs, we made another demo called "develloped/mind mirror". 10 Tape copies were made, 4 sent out, 4 for buddies and 2 in the drawer. Nothing happened. The Project lacked initiative. The small town lacked a scene, and i had no connections. And i didn´t care.

From 1991 to 1997 i wrote about 8 Albums, perhaps around 100 songs for combatlinkK. Some i remixed, some i ported to MIDI in 1997, but none i ever recorded or sent them out. Because i could have done it anytime and because i could do it tomorrow.

I have never done anything to really promote or get something started with combatlinkK. Until now, i just skip through the folders, remember what i wanted to do, remember what ideas went into the songs and how i matured from a nameless combatlinkK member to aGe2.1 and beyond.

The other night, i found a VHS Tape and thought to myself - lets digitise some of that. And i found video footage i made in 1992. I remembered how much time i spent on doing it. I remembered how much i enjoyed my stuff and how no one in the whole world seemed to understand what i wanted to do with it or why i spent all nights composing tracker songs instead of sleeping. Well, actually, i slept at school. I just looked like i was awake.

So, the other night again, everything really broke down. Crashed. Everything came up again. I turned my equipment off, sat in the dark and thought to myself: "What the hell have you been waiting for? Why did you torture yourself with endless waiting and postponing descisions?". I had a very hard hour.

Then i turned my equipment back on, and killed a demon. I hope you can enjoy the result. It is nothing spectacular, besides. I do hardly believe anybody else but me understands this, but thats not the point. I think at least *that* is easy to understand.

best regards,
SIH (514AD)

PS.: To not sound like the big pretender - this will not be the last one.

Sebastian Ivo Hartmann.
Born February 14th, 1975, north Germany. The nickname aGe is generated from the first letter "H" of his last name. In 1995 he changed his nickname to "aGe2.1". His production unit he founded in 1998.

330 MB Quicktime [Download]
Conserved for 17 years. Finally assembled. (Video was slightly recut, no further editing.)